Saturday, January 10, 2009

Obligatory Opening Post

Well, I suppose this is what you would call your basic opening post. You know, where I shoot the bull and give you a basic idea what I'll be blogging about.

More or less, this is a blog for reviews and Op/Ed type deals. I'm a fairly vocal kind of guy who has a sense of what he finds to be good, bad, decent or terrible and I certainly write about such enough elsewhere. So I guess it was time I put them down somewhere a bit more together. Blogspot seemed as good a place as any, as I visit some similar type of blogs elsewhere and it has a nice format to it. So I figured, why the hell not?

This blog will cover reviews for your basic media, of course. Music, movies, video games or DVD's. That sort of thing. Any Op/Ed pieces will likely be a bit more varied. I may comment on anything from something that's annoyed me at the time and how stupid it may be, I may decide to say something political or I may want to discuss something to do with entertainment like with the reviews. It depends really.

Hopefully if you've stumbled on this little obscure corner of the internet you like what you see and it's of some use to you. If not, it's a good way for me to get some ramblings out of my system.

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