Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spider-Man/Deadpool: Isn't It Bromantic (comics)

Writer: Joe Kelly
Artist: Ed McGuinness
Collects: Spider-Man/Deadpool #1-5, 8

So, generally, I have opinions about Deadpool. I like the character a fair bit and I'm open to trying any given run of the character. But the thing is, I'm not a mega-fan or anything. Not just any take on Deadpool hits just right, for me. I've read more than a few that trend too far into making the character obnoxious, or lean a bit too heavily on fourth wall breaking antics, and eventually get tired of it.

As such, I've told people in the past that I can only handle Deadpool in small doses. But that's not necessarily true. I suppose it should be clarified; I can only stand Deadpool in small doses if everything is not right.

Joe Kelly always hits the proper balance. Jokes fly free, but he knows when to pull back and get a little more serious with the character. He seems to know how to make the character just obnoxious enough to feel like himself without going so far overboard that he seems like a tiring caricature. The humor he brings is often genuinely chuckle-worthy while keeping away from overplayed Deadpool-isms like constant jokes about Mexican food. He knows not to over-play the fourth wall breaking wisecracks, or they'll get stale. More than that, he is great at keeping Deadpool endearing and interesting without completely losing the edge the character has, even as Deadpool attempts to become more heroic.

Throw in Spider-Man and you've got a hell of a book on your hands.

Boiled down to its essentials, it's really about Deadpool trying to convince Spider-Man to be his friend to help keep him out of the way when Deadpool goes to kill Spider-Mans "boss" Peter Parker, only to find he likes being friends with Spidey, which complicates things. The two prove to be great foils, especially since Spider-Man traditionally has little patience for Deadpool and his antics. The overall plot seems interesting, too, once the "kill Parker" stuff is out of the way and we get to the why of it all. Add in some great art by Ed McGuinness and we're set.

If I have any complaint, it's a callback to Mephisto and One More Day. It's one page of the book, but come on. Just. Let. It. Go. It's annoying every time someone brings it back or takes a passive aggressive shot, even if it happens very rarely.

All told, this was kind of a slam dunk. Witty, well drawn and fun from cover to cover. It might be the first Deadpool material I actually buy in a long time.

My Opinion: Buy It


  1. Wow, I totally forgot this series was a thing! I guess I haven't heard much about it lately since I've been on a partial Marvel blackout, and I guess it must not have tied into Clone Conspiracy either. Is this book just not that invested in current continuity, aside from paying a bit of lip service to the Parker Industries status quo? I should ask my library if they can get me the first volume.

  2. Parker Industries is a somewhat important part in regard to the setting and why Deadpool is after Peter Parker. But this comic doesn't directly reference anything from Amazing. It's just the status quo that's in the background. But yeah, no, Spider-Man/Deadpool didn't tie into Clone Conspiracy at all.

    I don't blame you on the Marvel blackout. I pay little attention to what they're doing at a given time. Marvel dropped off a cliff a couple years ago and haven't won me back. I completely ignore the X-Men line now, after they went back to "we're going extinct"; I know they just got away with it again, but it put a sour enough taste in my mouth I just stopped caring again. Also, like, every one of their major heroes has been replaced at this point. It makes me think "what, is this the only story you can tell, the replacement hero story?" and not "wow, this is exciting and diverse".

    I don't know. Marvel does absolutely nothing for me right now, or for the past couple years. More than usual. I mean, I'm an admitted DC guy, but I still like them fine, but geez. I could not give too shits lately.

    Regardless, Spider-Man/Deadpool is worth reading.